What to look for in an IT notification Management Platform?

With the ubiquity of information technology has arisen the need to have it up and running at all times. About 20 years ago, IT was still a novelty and nice-to-have but, now, businesses cannot function without it.

Imagine, on any given day, you are at work. You may be replying to an email or working on a remote file in the cloud. Out of the blue, your email server seems to stop responding. You call your IT colleague and she does not see any issue with the email server. You reboot your computer, your colleague runs several diagnostics on the email server, restarts it. Still it does not seem to work. The network is working fine. You are all perplexed.

After half a day of frustration, you all decide to call-in external technical experts who, after about 2 hour of conducting some tests, tell you that it is your security server that had blocked access to your email server as it had detected some malicious cyber activity.

They further advise you to get a network monitoring system (NMS) as then you can remove the guesswork and know when any of your IT systems perform suboptimally or experience unplanned downtime.

Since the NMS sends notifications by email, they also recommend you to get a notification management platform like sendQuick that sends notifications through email, SMS, social messenger apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, LINE, Viber and Telegram and team collaboration tools including Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams and Slack.

sendQuick Integration Within Corporate IT Network


At this stage, especially given your experience with the email server being seemingly non-responsive, you form or join a workgroup in figuring out which notification management system to get that you can integrate with your corporate IT infrastructure.

While there are different ways of researching and evaluating a technology, a good starting point is a thoughtfully prepared checklist. To point you in the right direction, we have developed one for you.



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