One major problem with traditional motion detection is the false alarm triggered by irrelevant objects, such as pets, insects, leaves, branches, raindrops, lights, etc. It is not only annoying to receive messages reporting false alarms but also a huge waste of time and money to deal with. In addition, due lengthy surveillance videos, it usually takes a long time and hard labor to find relevant clips that contain crucial information.

As an improved version of a typical Smart Motion Detection, SMD Plus is equipped with built-in independent AI intelligent chip that reduces false alarms and surveillance costs. At the same time, it also features practical functions empowered by deep learning AI algorithms.


  • False Alarm FilteringAfter capturing the target within monitoring range, the camera filters out leaves, lights, pets and other irrelevant objects.
  • SimpleIt can be enabled with just a single click with options for both human and vehicle, providing ease in configuration and setup..
  • Quick Target SearchData about humans and vehicles can be extracted and classified from the video, allowing users to play back, review and retrieve data history.
  • InclusiveWith cost-effective and easy to configure solution, AI is no longer confined to the ivory tower, but applied to real scenarios instead.

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