BPOs, banks, airlines, hotels, and a number of government institutions are some of the organizations that rely heavily on computer systems for their business communication purposes. Computer systems, for years, have improved the cost-effectiveness of voice and data transmissions that allowed businesses to communicate better with more customers than ever before.


The use of VoIP, CRM, ERP, and other enterprise systems and applications have become a necessity for organizations that provide quick and immediate services to their customers. They need their employees to have fast and reliable access to mission-critical applications in order to keep the business going while communicating with customers that need support. Otherwise, these customers can simply shift to other better service providers.


QoS and Bandwidth Manager
FatPipe’s technology allows the prioritization of mission-critical applications and traffic over recreational traffic.



FatPipe’s Multi-line QoS is capable of prioritizing WAN traffic. This is especially useful for ensuring that real-time traffic like voice and video can be prioritized over other types of traffic. The Multi-line QoS enables clients to optimize the efficiency of their network and prioritize data flow up to 8 levels in relation to priority, latency, and packet loss. It can enable network managers and administrators to assign bandwidth parameters to business applications, guaranteeing the minimum acceptable quality and bandwidth as they are defined. Granular control over how IP traffic transmits across the network is also possible using the QoS. This means the capability to allocate bandwidth to specific business applications and, at the same time, control recreational traffic and issues that cause bottlenecks.


FatPipe QoS can classify packets based on the application they belong to. FatPipe QoS can also work with application-specific information regardless of port numbers used by transport protocols. It also provides some degree of control over incoming network traffic by letting the user limit the rate at which the LAN receives traffic from each of the WAN links. While this does not help conserve bandwidth, it can help reduce the occurrence of unwanted connection-oriented traffic.


FatPipe’s Multi-line QoS is combined with link load balancing to ensure that rules are applied to additional or secondary lines when a failover occurs to the primary WAN line, providing redundancy for WAN infrastructure data transmissions.


Some of the QoS features that support businesses are:


TRAFFIC PRIORITIZATION – up to ten (10) levels allowing granular control over applications and associated bandwidth. This means that applications can be classified under any of the ten levels of priorities. The remaining traffic will be considered secondary and treated with “best effort.” This can be applied to real-time voice and video traffic and also for critical data transmission. VPN Traffic can also be prioritized over Internet Traffic to improve inter-office communications.


GUARANTEED PERFORMANCE QUALITY – in terms of assigning the minimum acceptable quality and bandwidth required by enterprise applications like CRM and Thin Client, thus, optimizing response time.


BANDWIDTH ALLOCATION – gives priority to business applications and minimizes recreational traffic, helping to ensure critical data transmission and services delivery that help increase employee productivity.


NETWORK LINK MANAGEMENT – provides policies for every application and every user in order to prevent any one application or user to congest a link.


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