What is TIARA & MDR?

TIARA is a turnkey service, including Sangfor HW and SW constructed to help customers quickly gain a broad spectrum understanding of their current threat posture.
  • • TIARA Assessment: preliminary lightweight security posture assessment service, designed to help customers determine the current threat posture of their entire network in a short period of time.
  • • TIARA Recommendations: improvement plans and remediation assistance to take the overal security posture to the next level.
MDR is an ongoing service designed to conduct comprehensive threat analysis and asset identification. MDR services will boost effectiveness and efficiency of daily security operations and controls, improve the overall organizational security posture and facilitate the maturation of security operations.
  • • MDR Root-Cause Analysis: Sangfor security experts conduct root cause analysis and provide long-term suggestions for improvement.MDR Root-Cause Analysis: Sangfor security experts conduct root cause analysis and provide long-term suggestions for improvement.
  • • MDR Recommendations: Take advantage of seasoned Sangfor security experts with ties to many different industries and a vast array of experience with the most varied security situations.


What Keeps the CISO’s Up at Night?

TIARA and MDR Provide CISO’s…

  • • A long-term security posture improvement plan and access security experts to identify root causes of attacks.
  • • Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to help management understand the importance of asset prioritization and the business impacts should assets be compromised.
  • • Provide lightweight network risk assessment and suggest a course of action to achieve risk acceptance, avoidance, mitigation and transference.
  • • Security event correlation and identification of potential threats before they morph into security incidents.
  • • A rich security protection experience for any industry or enterprise dealing with potential devastating security breaches.
  • • Evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of existing security practices and suggestions on how to improve.

Value to CISOs

  • • Credible assessment of your current security posture delivered by independent and certified consultants with unbiased opinions.
  • • Significantly improve your current security posture by addressing misconfiguration and deploying additional security controls.
  • • Improve business continuity and achieve compliance while minimizing legal issues.
  • • Improve security benchmark among peers.
  • • Significantly improve security operation productivity with minimum investment.

TIARA Case Study

Customer Profile: In 2018 a mid-sized financial services company, serving the investment needs of large enterprises, SOEs, banks and insurance companies, discovered that two of its virtual servers were infected with two different types of ransomware. Sangfor deployed their Endpoint Secure and Cyber Command solutions.
Existing Security Protection:
  • • Perimeter Gateways
  • • Endpoint Protection
Pitfalls of the Traditional Approach:
  • • Limited Detection: Traditional FW and AV are limited to known attacks.
  • • Narrow Scope: FW blind to internal activities & AV limited to managed endpoints.
  • • Lack of Security Operations: Protection available without response capabilities.
  • • Wide Open: FW is designed to open doors to apps & partners.
1) The customer’s IT department reported two incidents of ransomware, and unsure if they had more hidden threat lurking in the system, they called in TIARA.

2) 1 week after Cyber Command was deployed, TIARA uncovered hundreds of servers
infiltrated with mining malware, among several other security issues.

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Source: https://www.sangfor.com/product/services-tiara-and-mdr-services.html

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