The Industrial Immune System

The Industrial Immune System

Darktrace’s Industrial Immune System illuminates even the most complex cyber-physical ecosystems, detecting novel threats and vulnerabilities, and safeguarding the integrity and resilience of industrial technologies.

Identifies new threats and vulnerabilities

Continuously revises understanding of ‘normal’ with no tuning necessary

Illuminates entire digital infrastructure

Gain unparalleled visibility of OT, IT and industrial IoT

Works in any environment

Protocol and operating system agnostic

Catch today’s attackers — and tomorrow’s

Powered by self-learning Cyber AI, the Industrial Immune System identifies both fast-moving and stealthy threats in real time — regardless of whether they have been seen before.Advanced Persistent ThreatsCatches stealthy, sophisticated, never-before-seen threats.Industrial sabotageImmediately identifies malicious activity across OT, IT and industrial IoT.Attacks traversing IT and OTIlluminates any point of IT/OT convergence.

Protecting ICS environments globally

From major manufacturing plants to power stations, transportation grids, and all other forms of critical national infrastructure, the Industrial Immune System delivers autonomous protection.

Darktrace’s technology is unique for each particular cyber-physical ecosystem — crucially, without the need for constant tuning and manual configuration.V5Learn about the latest innovations in Darktrace Version 5.

Automated investigations

With Cyber AI Analyst, Darktrace stitches together disparate threat alerts across the digital infrastructure into a single security incident, automating the threat investigation process. It also generates natural-language reports suitable for executive review, helping to bridge the skills gap between OT and IT.

Asset management

Darktrace automatically generates a database of all devices in OT and cyber-physical environments. It identifies assets such as PLC, SCADA, HMI, IIoT, and other bespoke technologies. Asset management can be passive or active, depending on suitability.

OT Engineer Dashboard

Intuitive and easy-to-use, the OT Engineer Dashboard surfaces only the most operationally relevant alerts. It displays an optimized overview of security events, with intuitive, easy-to-use pathways that pivot to in-depth analysis and forensics.

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