As a leading APAC network security vendor, Sangfor Technologies embraces innovation that keeps enterprise safe from a highly dynamic & volatile cybersecurity landscape. Sangfor is proud to announce the release of their Next Generation Application Firewall (NGAF) new version 8.0.26, with innovative features and crucial improvements including:

All-in-One Next-Generation Firewall & Endpoint Security

Traditionally, organizations are required to manage their Next-Generation Firewall and their Endpoint Security on separate management consoles, creating layers of management complexity and often compromising effective malware detection and response.

Sangfor’s Next Generation Application Firewall (NGAF) version 8.0.26 improvements include integrated management of both NGAF and Sangfor’s Endpoint Secure, available for the first time on the market. Sangfor NGAF helps organization automate threat defence & security measures by consolidating threat information from the network perimeter & endpoints. Sangfor NGAF provides native security event correlation & response with Endpoint Secure, helping organizations reduce incident response time by 40% compared to more traditional approaches that require human intervention for event analysis.

Sangfor NGAF Protection from Advanced Malware

Ransomware and cryptomining malware are relentlessly encrypting business critical assets and asking for a substantial ransom for the return of stolen files. NGAF now works in conjunction with Sangfor’s Engine Zero, an AI-powered detection solution, to prevent advanced malware from even entering the enterprise network. In Sangfor’s Blue Team laboratory testing, Sangfor NGAF version 8.0.26 outperformed other NGFW vendors in detection of both known and unknown ransomware and at the network perimeter.

Granular Asset Management & Traffic Micro-Segmentation

Enterprise management of business assets is time consuming and complicated without proper asset management functions. IT administrators are unable to monitor and visualize real-time traffic between critical assets, leaving many attack surfaces improperly monitored and vulnerable.

Sangfor NGAF v8.0.26 provides organizations granular integrated business asset management features, enabling real-time traffic visualization and monitoring of all high-risk communication among assets and the network zones. Sangfor NGAF provides native traffic micro-segmentation, allowing IT to easily deploy flexible security policies & minimize attack surfaces, instead of installing multiple physical firewalls.

“We see daily updates and upgrades to malware and ransomware, and Sangfor wants to provide a solution powerful enough to engage them and eliminate them”, says Jason Yuan, VP of the International Market Department for Sangfor Technologies. “We are proud of the integration we have achieved between many of our most powerful security solutions, and will continue to innovate new and more powerful protection against a well-funded and dangerous cyber threat industry”.

In conjunction with the release of the latest NGAF version 8.0.26, Sangfor is pleased to introduce the newest NGAF subscription bundles, designed to help organizations to deal with continuously evolving cyber threat by providing the flexibility to choose the appropriate security subscription easily and quickly! Choose from the Essential Bundle, which includes basic firewall, IPS, application control & URL content filtering, the Premium Bundle, with more effective & accurate new malware variant detection, or the Ultimate Bundle, with includes SOC, Sangfor’s Platform-X and centralized management among other extensive features.

Sangfor is known for simple and effective security solutions like Sangfor NGAF and Endpoint Secure, making the integration of these powerful solutions with the equally powerful protection of Engine Zero ground-breaking in the industry. Sangfor is ready to build your customer network security solution today, without the prohibitive price charged by other vendors.

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