There hasn’t been an overabundance of great news in early 2020 – but Sangfor Technologies has found a reason to celebrate. In this trying time for the APAC region, ICSA Labs has issued their latest Firewall Certification Testing Report and Sangfor NGAF has successfully passed all tests!  Sangfor Technologies is proud to announce that their Next Generation Application Firewall (NGAF) family has attained ICSA Labs Firewall Certification in 2020!

ICSA Labs certification testing is in the business of increasing user and enterprise trust in information security products and solutions, and for 30 years, ICSA Labs has been providing credible, independent, 3rd-party security product testing and certification for many of the world’s top security product developers and service providers. Enterprises worldwide rely on ICSA Labs to set and apply objective testing and certification criteria measuring product security, compliance and performance.

Using tried and rigorous testing methods, ICSA Labs declared that Sangfor NGAF has satisfied all of the security testing requirements in both the ICSA Labs baseline firewall and ICSA Labs corporate firewall testing standards.

ICSA tested all of the most critical components of Sangfor’s NGAF product family, including the installation and configuration process, security policy transition, logging, administration, persistence, documentation, function and security testing, and criteria violations and resolutions. Sangfor NGAF is proud to join the ranks of products proven and certified by ICSA Labs, and continues to strive for further excellence in the exciting and ever-changing world of network security.

About Sangfor Technologies
Sangfor is a leading global vendor for IT infrastructure solutions, specializing in cloud computing & network security with a wide range of products including Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Next Generation Application Firewall, Internet Access Management and SD-WAN.

Through constant innovation, Sangfor strives to create value for its customers by helping them achieve sustainable growth. At Sangfor, we take customers’ business needs and user experience very seriously, placing them at the heart of our corporate strategy.

Established in 2000, Sangfor currently has 5,000+ employees with more than 60+ branch offices in exciting locations like Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Pakistan, Italy, and UAE. Visit us at for more information on our various product lines or with any questions on how to create and maintain an optimized, secure and versatile infrastructure and network!


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