Take charge of your sensitive data with DataSecurity Plus

Take charge of your sensitive data with DataSecurity Plus

File server auditing

Audit, monitor, receive alerts on, and report on all file accesses and modifications made in your file server environment in real time.Learn more 

Data leak prevention

Detect, disrupt, and respond to sensitive data leaks via USB devices, emails, printers, and more through real-time security monitoring.Learn more 

Data risk assessment

Perform content inspection and contextual analysis to discover sensitive data in files, and classify it based on vulnerability.Learn more

Data visibility and security in one package

A two-pronged solution to fighting insider threats, preventing data loss, and meeting compliance requirements.

  • Data security
  • Data visibility

File integrity monitoring

Identify and respond to potential security threats, and safeguard critical data by monitoring file accesses and modifications in real time.

Combat ransomware

Detect and shut down ransomware attacks right at inception with an automated threat response mechanism, and get notified with instant, user-defined alerts.

File change notification

Detect and alert on unintended and unauthorized changes by monitoring all file activities, including file creation, modification, deletion, and permission change.

USB protection

Monitor, alert, and block unauthorized use of USB storage devices, and prevent data loss via peripheral ports.

Email security

Generate instant alerts and block files with highly sensitive data—such as PII or ePHI—from being moved via email (Outlook). 

Incident response

Detect and respond to critical security incidents with options to block file transfers, and delete or quarantine files.

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