Optimize Supply Chains For Improved Business Efficiency And Agility

The supply chain is the lifeblood of many organizations, critical to the manufacture, sale and movement of goods. Supply chains rely on transactions flowing between business partners. The effectiveness of this information flow can separate market leaders from laggards. Hindered communication and transactions can result in delayed time to market, missed orders, late payments, unhappy customers and disgruntled suppliers.

Digitizing and integrating transactions between buyers and suppliers streamline supply chain operations and increase visibility into markets and performance. Whether looking to simplify supplier onboarding, streamline Procure-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash, optimize inventory levels with track-and-trace or leverage e-Invoicing to reduce errors and comply with country mandates, supply chain automation and optimization is essential to overall business agility and performance.

Leading brands and retailers around the world choose OpenText solutions and expertise to transition supply chains from a cost of doing business to a source of differentiated service and accelerated business growth.

OpenText Supply Chain Optimization Overview

OpenText helps companies build flexible supply chain ecosystems that are agile and responsive to rapidly changing customer and market demands. The leading platform for supply chain integration, OpenText™ Trading Grid™ is a flexible configurable digital backbone enabling organizations to optimize supply chain processes across the entire trading community. Together with OpenText™ B2B Managed Services, OpenText offers a complete people-process-technology supply chain integration solution based on decades of industry best practices and proven processes.

Trading Grid includes Active Applications, a suite of SaaS solutions to streamline and accelerate supply chain business processes, including order management, electronic invoicing, community management and retail deductions management. Delivered as a global multi-tenant service, Trading Grid provides ongoing innovation and keeps current with evolving standards and regulations to future proof business.

OpenText Supply Chain Optimization Features

Digital backbone for the entire ecosystem

Provides a single cloud platform to connect to all trading partners and seamlessly exchange information regardless of protocol, format, language, standard, structured or unstructured content.

Integration flexibility

Leverages the broadest range of protocol, communications and application integration support for any-to-any connectivity across diverse supply chain systems and users. Offers broad support for industry-specific and regional protocols to ensure access to any person or system globally.

Exception management

Enables users to configure business rules to manage by exception and focus on high priority needs, both on specified activity or non-activity. Manages transaction exceptions and automates response to business process anomalies, such as receiving an invoice before delivery of the ASN. Delivers event notifications and initiates workflow tasks directly within ERP applications for an integrated business experience.

Programmable workflow

Exposes and consumes realtime services with API tools and a developer portal to define ecosystem relationships and create tailored micro-services.

Self-service capabilities

Empowers users with visibility and control over supply chain operations. Makes it easy for trading partners to connect and manage profiles via self-service partner setup, automated partner provisioning, simple file sharing and email and fax to EDI conversion tools.

Pre-connected community

Leverages the power of the world’s largest B2B supply chain community, with more than 800,000 trading partners already connected. Accelerates time to implementation and time to value through existing connectivity and global partner reach.

Digital trading partner onboarding

Enables 100% community participation by offering a range of easy-to-adopt integration solutions for even the smallest trading partners. From direct integration to simple file sharing to conversion of email and fax to EDI, OpenText makes it easy for trading partners to connect and optimize business processes.

Predictive supply chain analytics

Offers insights into business metrics and KPIs as well as buy- and sell-side operational metrics and performance in a single platform. Delivers historical trends, current performance and predictive metrics to identify risk and drill into specific issues and exceptions before they cause broader business disruption.

Global e-Invoice compliance

Validates electronic invoices to ensure they meet today’s regulatory requirements on a per-country basis and as regulations evolve.

Specialized business process support

Leverages best practice supply chain processes, including cross-docking, direct store delivery (DSD), vendor managed inventory (VMI) and evaluated receipt settlement (ERS).

Managed services delivery

Extends internal resources with OpenText experts to remove the burden of ongoing community, customer and protocol changes. Offloads supply chain integration complexity and allows organizations to focus on their core mission.

OpenText Supply Chain Optimization Benefits

Streamline operations for greater supply chain efficiencies

Automate operational processes and digitize transactions to enhance business productivity, improve data quality and increase supply chain efficiencies.

Improve customer experience

Enhance responsiveness for higher customer satisfaction with cross-channel consistency and higher perfect order rates.

Improve partner collaboration

Provide full process clarity to avoid disputes and improve partner relationships with realtime exception collaboration and shared visibility.

Get complete transaction visibility

Gain visibility into B2B transactions with intuitive search and reporting functions and dashboards. Quickly identify errors and issues throughout the lifecycle of all B2B documents so no orders, invoices or payments fall out of the process.

Automate processes to reduce errors and improve efficiency

Reduce manual rework of paper-based orders and invoices and avoid errors associated with re-keying information from one business system to another, reducing transaction processing time and improving end-to-end process accuracy.

OpenText Supply Chain Optimization Solutions

Order management

OpenText™ Active Orders is an order management solution that digitizes the procure-to-pay process for companies interacting with a diverse supplier community.

Global e-invoicing compliance

OpenText™ Active Invoices with Compliance enables both buying and selling organizations to automate e-invoicing and compliance for more than 45 countries.

Digital onboarding

A suite of solutions to help companies enable 100% trading partner digitization, from vendor and supplier onboarding to Corporate-to-Bank connectivity.

Supplier information management

OpenText™ Active Community provides a cloud-based, self-service portal for supplier information to help ensure regulatory compliance and accelerate the onboarding process.

Product catalogue management

OpenText™ Active Catalogue enables item data, image and price synchronization for the retail industry with an unmatched ability to synchronize product information across 190 million unique items.

Increase speed to market

Vendor compliance management

OpenText™ Vendor Compliance uses its advanced business rules engine parses out purchase orders, ASNs and invoices and identifies compliance violations within them.

Operational intelligence

OpenText™ Active Intelligence analyzes B2B transactions in realtime and applies process-specific business rules to gain visibility and timely resolution of issues within B2B business processes.

Supply chain analytics

OpenText™ Trading Grid™ Analytics offers end-to-end supply chain visibility and actionable insights based on B2B transactions.

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