Unified Omnichannel Messaging for Cohesive Communication

SendQuick IO allows sending and receiving of alerts and notifications with real-time hybrid messaging via SMS, email, and various popular mobile messaging apps (WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram) and collaboration apps (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Webex Cisco) to reduce downtime and improve business workflow and productivity.


Unified API to interconnect messaging channels and business applications

Multi-messaging with SMS fall-back

Bi-directional messages are synced and logged

Historical transactions with users

Optional chat-bot add-on as virtual assistants




2-way interactive messaging with an unified messaging gateway

Guaranteed message delivery instantly through multiple channels

Engage stakeholders proactively on apps they are already active at

Seamless, synced conversation between existing business applications and stakeholders across messaging channels supported




For inquiries, email us at info@agdinfotech.com

Source: https://www.talariax.com/products/sendquick-io/#gallery-3


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