Sangfor MIG: A Multi-Functional Integrated SD-WAN Component for Branches or Stores

Sangfor MIG: A Multi-Functional Integrated SD-WAN Component for Branches or Stores

Sangfor Technologies proudly releases Sangfor MIG (Multi-functional  Integration Gateway), an important component of the Sangfor SD-WAN solution, with a focus on branch and store network access and designed to satisfy the needs of enterprises simultaneously managing both large and small branches globally. As the #1 VPN vendor for the past 7 years in the Chinese market, this product is geared towards making this pivotal technology available globally.

Economic globalization often necessitates modern enterprises to construct their factories in close proximity to raw materials, warehouses in low tax logistics centers and sales offices or stores in large-market cities. Distributed organization certainly reduces cost and increases sales opportunities, but presents major challenges in the realm of IT construction. Many more remote branches have a smaller staff with no dedicated IT engineer, making device deployment and management a significant issue. Limited budgets also make it difficult for branch-based customers who require multi-functional integration and low-cost devices.
Providing quick email-deployment, Sangfor MIG makes it possible for any employee to successfully deploy, thus reducing deployment costs and cycle and enabling quick and easy expansion, especially for retail and logistic locations. Sangfor SD-WAN’s centralized management platform, branch map and unified management features allow IT managers to easily manage and operate thousands of branches from a single, centralized location. Currently, the largest MIG project successfully manages around 10 thousand branches.
MIG not only simplifies deployment, management, monitoring and operations but provides high availability with dynamic path selection and automatic fail-over. As a leading vendor of network security solutions, Sangfor MIG’s series of security features designed to secure your network and improve user work efficiency make MIG the best choice for enterprises managing branches, and make IT easier, more reliable and more secure.

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