“Power on, Business on” by Ruijie Networks

“Power on, Business on” by Ruijie Networks

Retail & Branch Network Solution

Product Recommendations

All in One Wireless Router RG-EG105GW

Solution Benefits for End Users

Central maintenance and Remote maintenance

Locate the network problems of branches and troubleshoot quickly on Ruijie Cloud App.

All in One for 100 clients

Enterprise wireless router provide Wi-Fi service for concurrent 100 Clients.

Power on Business on

All in One device to provide routing, switching, wireless services, rapid deployment.

High-Security VPNIPSec/PPTP/L2TP/VPN Clients types VPN supported.

Solution Benefits for SIs

Easy deployment via Self-Organizing Network technology

Remote maintenance via Ruijie Cloud

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Source: ruijienetworks.com/solutions/smb/RetailChain

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