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With today’s proliferation of content, the enterprise finds itself poorly equipped to manage massive silos of unstructured information, which can create unmitigated risk and adversely affect productivity and agility. At the same time, CIOs are looking at their vendor footprint and the number of overlapping applications to determine what can be rationalized to reduce IT costs and complexity. When these pain points converge on the consumerization of IT and the enterprise’s desire to embrace social, mobile, and the cloud, the requirement is clear: an enterprise-class Information Access platform that federates information across all sources.

InfoFusion is an Information Access platform that replaces a variety of one-off information applications—and their associated indexes, connectors, hardware, and support—with a common information management platform. InfoFusion delivers a new approach to managing, analyzing and understanding unstructured information. It helps organizations discover, analyze and act on their content to improve performance and agility, while reducing risk and cost.

Discover. Analyze. Act.

Whether your challenges are managing storage capacity, applying retention and lifecycle controls on terabytes of content, rationalizing legacy applications and content, or providing unified access to content for end users, InfoFusion can help. It significantly reduces the cost and complexity of individual systems and content sources through discrete applications for:

  • Data Integration
  • Content Migration
  • Data Archiving
  • Legacy Decommissioning

InfoFusion gives organizations the ability to:

  • Rationalize disparate content management and archives systems to maximize storage saving, reduce vendor footprint, reduce IT complexity and IT support cost
  • Move content to a retention controlled repository to begin to disposition content and reduce litigation risk, and reduce storage and eDiscovery costs
  • Decommission legacy systems that are being maintained solely due to the requirement to maintain access to the content they contain for regulatory or reference purposes
  • Quickly create utilities and applications using a rich and flexible environment that includes API and a widget library to develop specific utilities
  • Provide a single source of policy through integration with proven Enterprise Information Management (EIM) offerings, including OpenText™ ECM and OpenText Records Management

Data Integration

Deliver rapid data integration for fast deployment, superior performance, and optimized resources for maintenance

The growing size of data stored in key environments such as data warehouses is driving the need for organizations to deploy more comprehensive integration solutions that are capable of consolidating raw data and converting it into useful information that can be searched for and analyzed.

Achieve operational efficiency through the consolidation of business information and technologies with OpenText InfoFusion. Our data integration services transform, enrich, and direct information across decision support systems and corporate applications, for projects that include data warehouses, data marts, mainframe systems, ERP systems, CRM systems, and content management platforms.

Content Migration

End-to-end migration of content from one or many disparate repositories to any new destination

In today’s global economy, organizations are required to optimize their existing technology environments in order to maximize their investments. To improve performance at every level, organizations are seeking a “single source of the truth.” Migrating content across the enterprise helps to achieve this end, maximizing investments in technology and getting the right information to the right people at the right time for increased efficiency and productivity.

OpenText InfoFusion enables the migration of content from one or many repositories to any new destination. It automates the movement of content while delivering content integrity to improve operational efficiency, and reduce cost and risk.

Data Archiving

Benefit from the cost savings, long term retention, compliance, and security of OpenText Enterprise Archiving; further reduce cost and risk using OpenText Records Management to manage the lifecycle of content in the archive

OpenText InfoFusion unifies information silos that cross application boundaries, consolidating and transforming data and content throughout the entire information ecosystem, including leading-edge ERP, CRM, and ECM systems as well as legacy applications. Through its data archiving services, it delivers a rich feature set to support the archiving of data in OpenText ECM systems.

Legacy Decommissioning

Migrate, enrich, archive, and apply Records Management controls for structured business data from any legacy system

Legacy systems are often maintained simply to reference historical information. To comply with regulations, access to this information for audit and discovery is often required. These systems can be difficult to maintain, often require senior resources which become distracted from strategic initiatives, and come with hefty software maintenance budgets. This kind of compliance and discovery strategy is expensive and comes with a high total-cost-of-ownership (TCO).

OpenText InfoFusion provides a cost effective way to archive the content into a modern EIM system and allows significant cost savings through legacy decomissioning.



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