AI Enabled Cloud Platform for Threat Intelligence & Analytics

Innovation Overview

Neural-X is at the center of a sophisticated web of Sangfor developed network security elements. As a cloud-based intelligence and analytic platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Neural-X powers and expands security detection capabilities for Sangfor’s network, endpoint, and security-as-a-service offerings.

Neural-X Components

Neural-X contains dozens of interconnected components designed to work together seamlessly to keep your system both safe and secure including threat intelligence, deep learning, sandboxing, botnet detection and Engine Zero.

  • Threat Intelligence:
    Neural-X is at the core of Intelligent threat detection and defense. Threat Intelligence is organized, analyzed and refined information that enables organizations to understand, assess and prevent against known and severe risks from external sources.

    • Deep Learning:
    Deep learning is a complex element of machine learning inspired by the function of interconnecting neurons in the human brain. It is part of Artificial Intelligence and is considered an evolution of Machine Learning. As the names implies, it teaches itself by observing and processing massive amounts of data, allowing it to make more accurate & faster predictions.

    One of the ways Neural-X uses deep learning is to break down cryptic domain names into vectors that are machine readable. In-depth analysis of vector association detects domain names used by malware of similar families. Over time, the deep learning function will begin to operate and learn independently – thus maintaining a proactive approach to malware detection, identification and elimination within Neural-X.

    • ZSand:
    Sangfor ZSand is a virtual dynamic execution technology designed to detect unknown malware. Sangfor ZSand detonates suspected malware in a safe and controlled environment and monitors the abnormal behaviors of these files for future recognition and prevention. In recent tests, it has accurately detected ransomware families including GrandCrab, Zusy, GlobeImposter and LockCrypt. ZSand shares all data with Neural-X threat intelligence, making it possible to identify and study malware with no previously known signature, reducing the risk of future zero-day attacks.

    • Botnet Detection:
    Hackers are becoming more sophisticated by abandoning fixed IP addresses and use dynamic domain names instead. These cryptic domain names are used to connect botnets to their controller using secret algorithms. They are notoriously difficult to detect because DNS queries behave similarly to the average user. Neural-X uses advanced flow analysis, visual calculation and deep learning technology to uncover botnets.

    • Engine Zero:
    Engine Zero is an underlining malware detection engine that is built upon a set of powerful artificial intelligence technology, and enhanced by a team of data scientists, security analysts and white hat researchers. This engine is one of many malware inspection engines embedded in Sangfor’s network security solutions, end point solution and Neural-X cloud platform.

Our Advantages

Neural-X strengthens the security capability within Sangfor’s security solutions. It allows customers to implement proactive protection methods against both known and unknown malware, improve detection rate and discover previously unknown C&C servers and compromised machines.

How do I get Neural-X?

Neural-X is a core underlining intelligence and analytic capability that powers most of Sangfor’s network security, endpoint security and security-as-a-service solutions. It is an add-on capability, not sold separately.




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