Manila City Hall Wi-Fi project is a public welfare project guaranteed by government. The project is powered by Eastern Telecom (ISP). Public Wi-Fi for all users require the high capacity of users’ connection. Ruijie cloud provides central management for EG gateway, switches and APs, ensuring good Wi-Fi experience to all users.

Project Challenges

  • Public Wi-Fi for all citizens requires model that can support high capacity of users connection.
  • Captive portal has to collect all information, and management system requires real-time traffic and online users display.
  • Requires waterproof IP68 AP, and the no traffic delay switches and routers.

Project Benefits

  • Ruijie Cloud can provide central management for EG gateway, switches and APs. It can also provide real-time online users’ data.
  • Ruijie APs support integration with 3rd party portal server, which can fit the customized portal requested by clients.
  • Ruijie APs can offer perfect performance up to 100m. Users can connect to SSID with good experience.

“Ruijie Products provide us possibility to use cost-effective and all-in-one solution for government welfare projects. The performance is really good for us”

-Eastern Telecommunication

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