Security that protects without sacrificing endpoint performance, taking you from infection to recovery in seconds.

Adapt to the threat

Your organization’s success depends on endpoints being operational. Malwarebytes delivers cyber protection that creates a resilient security posture tailored to your endpoint environment. And because advanced, polymorphic threats are targeting the endpoint with adaptive techniques, we use multiple layers of technology applied at various points along the attack chain—including machine learning–enhanced and heuristic detection capabilities—to crush their attacks.

Respond, deliberately

Responding to a threat requires speed and know-how. Malwarebytes allows security professionals to actively and quickly respond by isolating an attack in progress and automating the remediation and recovery of the impacted endpoint. Our endpoint detection and response technology saves precious time typically spent hunting for the threat, and returns endpoints to operation without costly re-imaging.

Simplify security complexity

Securing critical data is expensive and complex. Malwarebytes simplifies this process by orchestrating endpoint security, from prevention to response. Our easy-to-use Malwarebytes Cloud Platform integrates with security and IT systems to extend automated response workflows across siloed IT teams, giving security professional the ability to discover and secure any endpoint on their network with ease.


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