WatchGuard’s AuthPoint

Multi-Factor Authentication That’s Powerfully Easy

Using stolen credentials to breach network resources is the #1 tactic that hackers use.* By requiring additional proof of identity beyond a simple password, multi-factor authentication is the single most important safeguard to protect your business. WatchGuard’s unique multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution not only reduces network disruptions and data breaches arising from weak or stolen credentials, but we deliver this important capability entirely from the Cloud for easy set-up and management. Moreover, AuthPoint™ goes beyond traditional 2-factor authentication (2FA) by incorporating innovative ways to identify users, such as with our Mobile Device DNA. With our large ecosystem of 3rd party integrations, this means that strong protection can be consistently deployed across the network, VPNs, Cloud applications – wherever it’s needed. Even non-technical users find the friendly AuthPoint mobile app easy and convenient to use. Ultimately, WatchGuard AuthPoint is the right solution at the right time to make MFA a reality for businesses who desperately need it to block attacks.

What Is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Use of 2 or more authentication
factors, from:
• Something you know
(password, PIN)
• Something you have
(token, mobile phone)
• Something you are
(fingerprint, face)

Keep Imposters Off Networks, VPNs, Cloud Resources and More!

WatchGuard Cloud Platform
• 100% Cloud-based management
• Authenticator allocation and activation
• Authentication policies based on groups and resources
• Logs and reports
• Role-based access
• Intuitive, attractive user interface

AuthPoint Mobile App
• Three authentication methods in one:
1. Push messages
2. One-time passwords
3. QR codes when offline
• Mobile authenticator – no additional hardware to carry
• 11 languages
• Multi-token support
• iOS and Android – free to download
• PIN/biometrics protection (on certain devices)
• Mobile device DNA – added authentication factor
• Self-service mobile token migration to new devices

AuthPoint Gateway
• Corporate network gateway
• AD and LDAP user authentication and sync
• RADIUS proxy

AuthPoint Agents
• Integration with 3rd party applications without native
MFA support
• Computer login protection for Windows and macOS

AuthPoint Ecosystem
• Add MFA to Cloud resources, applications, databases
and web resources
• Support for SAML and RADIUS standards
• Comprehensive integration guides for many popular
3rd party solutions

Recommended Use Cases

VPNs / Remote Access
Same user experience as username + password BUT more secure,
and with a single-click confirmation.
1. Request connection with username & password
2. Confirm VPN connection – request through AuthPoint app

Cloud Applications – Web SSO
1. Access the Identity Portal (IdP)
2. Authenticate using OTP, push or QR code
3. Access all the apps to which you are entitled –
no need to authenticate again!

PC Login – Offline Authentication
1. Select “QR code” to authenticate
2. Scan the QR code using the AuthPoint app
3. In this example, you would type the response 717960

PC Login – Online Authentication
1. Click on “Send push”
2. Confirm PC login request through AuthPoint app
3. Login is done

AuthPoint delivers on the promise of MFA by limiting the business risk associated with poor passwords without compromising on ease of usefor employees and IT staff alike. Everything in a Cloud service – with no hardware to install and software to maintain…MFA is now considered core protection, and it comes from WatchGuard hassle-free.
Tom Ruffolo
CEO, eSecurity Solutions

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