Just 4-Steps to protect your office Wi-Fi? So Easy

Just 4-Steps to protect your office Wi-Fi? So Easy

Release time:2020-07-09

What is PPSK?

Unique password for every staff device, cannot share, and deleted without impact others!


-Security breach: Staff always share their own Wi-Fi password to visitors

– Troublesome: All device need to reset Wi-Fi password once changed


Q: End user full transparency on their network status! But we (System Integrator) afraid of share them any system account.


Q: Our service contractor needs to provide temporarily technical support! How to delegate them the rights easily and safely?


Ans:  Ruijie Cloud Network Sharing feature – allowing the Project Owner to share the project (network) to specific recipients (e.g. End User, Service Contractor) for technical support, network provisioning and monitoring.

Feature Highlights:

-Easy project management delegation

-Safe control: Read or Write privileges options

-Safe control: cancel the sharing anytime




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