Huawei OptiXtrans E9600 is a large-capacity, intelligent, optical-electrical integrated, next generation Multi-Service Optical Transport Network (MS-OTN) platform for enterprise all-optical networking 2.0 (ON2.0).

The new-generation terabit cross-connect platform can process OTN, Virtual Circuit (VC), and packet services of different granularities and smoothly evolve to OTN+. High integration, and low power consumption, access of services is supported at any rate, from 100 Mbit/s to 400 GE. Per-wavelength capacity can be adjusted between 100 Gbit/s to 800 Gbit/s as needed. AI-enabled Operations and Maintenance (O&M) achieves autonomous-driving networks to cope with the increase in network scale and O&M complexity.

Smooth Evolution


100–800 Gbit/s adjustable per wavelength capacity, with 120 wavelengths using Super C band technology — extendable to C + L band to provide over 200 wavelengths and 48T per fiber capacity. Optical and electrical flexible grooming creates a 3D mesh high-speed interconnection network.

Advanced Technologies

Simplified: 5-in-1 platform

Optical, Ponder, OTN, VC, and packet functions are integrated in one device, offering unified grooming and transmission of OTN, VC, and packet services, reducing network layers, and improving bandwidth utilization.

Smart Operations

Intelligent: AI-enabled O&M

Virtualized bandwidth operation services, based on a Software-Defined Networking (SDN) design, to support the transition of WDM networks toward transmission networks in the cloud era. Online, intelligent, visualized, and big data-based fault prediction shifts O&M from reactive to proactive, improving service quality, and reducing Operating Expense (OPEX).

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