Predictable Price, Flexible Use

EverFlex provides more acquisition choice for Hitachi products, services and solutions. Choose EverFlex Purchase, EverFlex Lease or EverFlex Consumption for cloud-like pay-per-use.

Your Acquisition Advantage

Rely on pricing that is predictable for usage that is cost effective and flexible. EverFlex provides more choice to maximize value and service levels regardless of the characteristics of your project.

Simple to Procure

Easily match acquisition choices and services to fit every buying situation.

EverFlex: Simple, Elastic and Comprehensive

Choose from EverFlex Purchase, lease, or EverFlex Consumption for cloud-like pay-per-use options.

Increased Elasticity

Reduce risk with capacity on demand, to eliminate waste and disruption, and align costs with use.

Why EverFlex?

More Acquisition Options for More FlexibilityHitachi Vantara makes it easier to match the best choice for each buying situation.

  • EverFlex Purchase or EverFlex Lease for adding to existing, well-managed infrastructure with a track record of high utilization rates that are expected to continue.
  • EverFlex Consumption with pay-per-use utility pricing on basic services, for well-managed environments where usage is more unpredictable and utilization rates are low.
  • EverFlex Consumption with pay-per-use utility pricing on more advanced services or as-a-service (XaaS) offerings, to reduce asset and operational costs, and improve service level delivery.

Lower Cost and Risk, Higher Service Levels

  • Predictable, transparent pricing and guaranteed outcomes.
  • Predictable pricing with cloud-like consumption.
  • Predictable and consistent service level delivery.
  • Predictable service level outcomes.

Increase Efficiency and Lower Total CostReduce asset costs and lower operational costs while improving service levels.

  • Pay-per-use options lower asset costs by eliminating the cost of reserve capacity, which causes low utilization rates.
  • Match the scope of service options to reduce management operations costs for your unique situation.
  • Lower overall cost and improve service delivery, level of service and consistency.

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