Enterprise Copy Data Management

Enterprise Copy Data Management

Automate Copy Data

Business requires up-to-date copies of production data for backup and disaster recovery, development and test processes, financial reporting and auditing, legal discovery, governance and compliance, and more. However, copy sprawl and disruptions from copy creation need to be minimized.

Accelerate Copy Creation

Snapshot and replication orchestration can automatically create, refresh and expire physical and virtual copies of data.

Enable Self-Service Copies

Role-based access controls enable users to access only their data and resources, adding agility to business processes.

Support Governance and Compliance

Use backup data to support discovery, audit and analytics operations and remove those workloads from production systems.

Data Services for IT, LoB and Governance

Recovery Copy Data Services

Create end-to-end protection workflows across one to three locations to meet the tightest service-level objectives.

Agile Copy Data Services

Automatically create, refresh and expire application-consistent copies for secondary business functions.

Governance Copy Data Services

Make better use of backups. Easily find personally identifiable information to comply with privacy regulations.

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