Enhancing your response time to IT system incidents

Our lives are increasingly being integrated with technology. From email and data servers to PBX and CRM systems, and even IoT devices such as refrigerators and coffee makers, we are entering a transformative era of sophistication and convenience that comes with a catch.


Now you need to ensure that these devices are connected to a corporate network and working all the time. In that case, you would need to have these IP-addressable devices connected to your existing network monitoring system. And since employees in companies are extensively being mobile, you also need an IT notification management platform that can send them alerts when necessary.


A network monitoring system will proactively monitor the status of all your hardware, software and processes connected to the network and send regular or event-based reports to the IT notification management platform which will convert these messages into SMSes, social messenger apps or team collaboration tools messages.


The sendQuick IT notification management platform integrates with social messenger apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LINE, Viber and Team Collaboration Tools such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and Slack to send alert notifications.


The sendQuick IT notification management platform has a built-in roster management system, thus whenever a device, software or process connected to the platform performs suboptimally or experiences an unplanned shutdown, it sends alert notifications to the authorized personnel on duty at that moment.


While the two ways, mentioned above, will help improve the response time to any IT incident, the IT notification management platform uptime can be further enhanced. To facilitate this, the sendQuick platform comes with a high availability (HA) option for zero downtime implementation.


Together, these three factors, combined, will enable improvement in performance of IT systems and will help reduce any network bottlenecks. And any organization with a well-performing IT infrastructure will be able to enhance their operations and better serve their customers, employees and stakeholders.



To mitigate the risk of unplanned IT systems downtime

  1. Integrate an IT notification management platform with your existing network monitoring system
  2. Ensure that your IT notification management platform has the capability to send notifications using SMS, social messenger apps, and team collaboration tools
  3. Choose the high availability (HA) option for zero downtime implementation



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