Manage and Secure Enterprise Data to Unlock its Value

Corporate success is increasingly dependent on leveraging data for innovation and continuous improvement. Effectively managing enterprise data to unlock its value is crucial but must incorporate a data security and compliance strategy that mitigates the reputational and monetary risks of data breaches.

OpenText data management and security solutions help organizations manage the quality of their data, while adding security and ensuring compliance with applicable standards. With a unified data management and security platform, organizations can streamline and innovate business processes.

OpenText Data Management and Security Features

Data quality and aggregation

Validates data against business rules, reference data and other sources, and standardizes it to improve data quality across the enterprise.

Analytics optimization

Builds secure materialized views of standard and sensitive data on a selection of database types. Uses any analytics/BI tools to visualize data and achieve optimal analytics performance.

Scalability and flexibility

Leverages the scalability of the OpenText Cloud to adapt to new and more diverse data and analytics capabilities and applies new data models based on changing business needs.


Stores sensitive data, such as credit card or Social Security numbers, in the OpenText encrypted cloud to narrow the scope of systems, applications and processes that need to be audited for compliance with mandates, such as PCI DSS or HIPAA.

Global protection

Uses ongoing OpenText global compliance investments and audits to comply with existing and emerging data privacy laws and enable safe business transactions around the world.

VPN connectivity

Extends a corporate network, ensuring every remote connection is secure and compliant with company standards. Uses a downloadable, plug-and-play VPN client that works behind firewalls, proxy servers and home networks.

Identity manager

Manages identity lifecycles and data access management across the complex enterprise ecosystem, including the workforce, consumers and trading partners.

Authorization manager

Establishes data access and authorization administration, delegation and policy management and validates users are who they claim to be to establish trust across data domains with single sign on.

Expert resources

Leverages the technical and business expertise of OpenText data professionals to design and operate data management and security solutions that free IT resources to focus on other strategic initiatives.

OpenText Data Management and Security Benefits

Accelerate digital transformation initiatives

Remove technical hurdles for digital transformation, improve efficiency of business processes and tailor solutions to meet evolving business requirements.

Gain 360-degree visibility

Break down data silos for a unified view into enterprise data across different applications and systems.

Improve analytics

Leverage the right data models, materialized views and preparation capabilities to meet specific analytics requirements. Mitigate business risks and identify new business opportunities by transforming data to insight.

Speed time to market

Get value from data faster by extending internal IT resources with OpenText experts and leverage the big data framework of the OpenText Cloud accelerate project delivery.

Reduce the costs of bad data

Automate the manual process of cleaning data to reduce the amount of errors and business process inefficiencies caused by poor data quality.

Reduce risks related to data breaches

Maintain and improve data security and compliance with applicable standards to protect PCI, PHI, PII and other types of sensitive data stored across enterprise systems.

Balance risk and usability

Provide convenient yet secure access to data with multi-factor authentication and single sign-on.

Increase performance and ease of use

Shield end-users from network access complexity and automate much of the set-up process, significantly reducing the burden on support teams.

OpenText Data Management and Security Solutions

OpenText provides a broad range of solutions for managing and securing enterprise data that combine a modern cloud platform with the experience of OpenText data professionals and industry best-practice processes. Solutions include:

Enterprise data management

OpenText™ Alloy harmonizes, cleanses, enriches and aggregates data to improve the performance and quality of various business processes.

Data compliance

OpenText™ Alloy strengthens data security and compliance with applicable standards.

Data tokenization

OpenText™ Protect replaces sensitive data throughout the enterprise with data surrogates that have no value on their own.

Identity and access management

OpenText™ Identity and Access Management Platform securely connects the digital identities of people, systems and things to govern data access.

Cloud VPN service

OpenText™ PositivePro helps organizations maintain control of and access to corporate assets with a managed cloud VPN service.

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