Visualization of the full-journey experience for each user at each moment, and automatic identification and intelligent demarcation of network issues.

Campus Network Analysis and Prediction

CampusInsight, a campus network analyzer, uses Telemetry technology to collect client experience metrics in seconds. With CampusInsight, you can view the full-journey of each client on the Wi-Fi network in real time. Once an issue occurs, you can trace and verify the full-journey data of the client to determine where the issue originated.

CampusInsight intelligently analyzes collected data based on big data and AI algorithms to effectively identify four typical types of issues (connectivity, air interface performance, roaming, and device issues) in Wi-Fi network O&M. In addition, CampusInsight can analyze the root causes and provide troubleshooting suggestions for group issues and individual issues. Through proactive O&M, this effectively reduces the complaints of campus network users and reduces network OPEX.


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