Demand security that protects while enabling you to recover when the
inevitable happens.

Protection plus response delivers resilience

Total attack prevention is a myth, and the fixed perimeter is obsolete. In our hyperconnected world, the promise of uninterrupted workplace digital engagements requires endpoint resilience. A resilient organization confidently accommodates digital innovation while securing against cyberattacks. Endpoint resiliency requires the ability to protect, as well as to quickly respond and recover when a breach does occur.

What’s in an endpoint?

Resilient endpoints make us productive, drive growth, and act as the front line of defense against attacks. Failing to protect the endpoint can result in a catastrophic disruption of operations. Security teams struggle daily to secure endpoints against automated threats, non-malware-based attacks, and malicious sites. Are you ready for a new approach?

Become resilient

Digital transformation has revolutionized the way businesses operate, enabling productivity and accelerating growth. It has also created an explosion of data and endpoints that has made protection more difficult and a successful attack more inevitable. Establishing cyber resilience requires a plan, effort, and, most importantly, the ability to automate security processes.

Resilience is a group effort

Over 400 security professionals surveyed provide a glimpse into what makes an organization resilient. Find out how many of your peers think they are likely to experience a breach within the next one to three years, their data response plans, and why automation is essential for cyber resilience.

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