Globally accelerate your traffic with a single click

The public Internet does its best to deliver your content — but it can’t account for network congestion, leading to slow load times and a degraded end-user experience.

The Cloudflare network is different. It routes over 10 trillion global requests per month — providing Argo Smart Routing with a unique vantage point to detect real-time congestion and route web traffic across the fastest and most reliable network paths.

On average, web assets perform 30% faster.


Faster Loading Times

Faster Loading Times

Argo delivers web traffic over the fastest links available resulting in noticeably faster web assets and improved end-user experience

Increased Reliability

Increased Reliability

Argo’s live view of network conditions enables it to route around congestion and leverage the most reliable links to deliver increased uptime

Integrated Security

Integrated Security

All Argo traffic is encrypted end-to-end across the Cloudflare network, protecting web traffic from bad actors

Reduced Costs

Reduced Costs

Argo minimizes content requests to the origin server, reducing latency, server load, and bandwidth usage

Dynamic Content Delivery

Almost half of online consumers will abandon a page that takes more than 2 seconds to load

End-user experience needs to be immersive, interactive and real-time – regardless of their location, device, or current network conditions.

  • Congestion Avoidance: Routing decisions informed by real-time network conditions
  • Tiered Caching: Content served from adjacent data centers reduces cache-miss rates, server load, and end-to-end latency
  • TCP Optimizations: Persistent TCP connections further minimize latency for non-cacheable content

Security Included

Using a lightweight agent installed on the origin infrastructure (including container or virtual machine), Cloudflare Argo Tunnel creates an encrypted tunnel between the nearest Cloudflare data center and the web server’s origin without opening a public inbound port.

This offers an additional layer of protection to keep Internet applications available by protecting them from IP address exposure and DDoS attacks.

Detailed Analytics

Knowledge is power. Analytics within the dashboard give an in-depth look at the performance improvements achieved using Argo Smart Routing:

  • Comprehensive histogram
  • Comparative traffic response time with Argo enabled
  • Measurable global performance improvements



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