Antivirus Replacement

Antivirus Replacement

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection Modernizes Your Enterprise Endpoint Security with Unrivalled Proactive Prevention

Cybercriminals use multiple attack vectors to bypass traditional antivirus products, including phishing emails, exploits, and social engineering. Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection mounts an effective defense against advanced threats by offering comprehensive defense, employing both static and dynamic detection techniques, across these vectors.

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection Technology

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Multi-Vector Protection

Multi-Vector Protection provides a layered approach, including multiple signature-less techniques, to protect against traditional viruses as well as tomorrow’s attacks.

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Integrated remediation capabilities

Our proprietary Linking Engine Remediation removes the infection, including all related artifacts, returning the endpoint to a truly healthy state.

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Increase protection, reduce complexity

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection’s single endpoint agent combines powerful detection and remediation capabilities for better protection and faster response while reducing deployment and management complexity.



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