Wireless Intelligent Solution

Wireless Intelligent Solution

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Deployment Planning

Wireless signals are easily affected by the building construction and its environment. Therefore, the deployment planning has to be adapted to the characteristics of the building, business, access density and without professional tools, it would be difficult to find a solution and make reports.

Construction Process

The network deployment team would not strictly follow the original deployment plan, making it difficult to accept the project at the end. As project construction is often divided into batches and conducts topology switches after deployment, missing or wrong deployment might occur, causing problems for the business, difficult to troubleshoot and prevent such incidents.

Delivery Acceptance

Delivery acceptance basically rely on manual data inspection and reports, furthermore the deployment and construction process might go on-line in batches, requiring multiple times of delivery acceptance, with other unexpected problems on top of that makes ensuring successful delivery acceptance difficult.

Changing Maintenance

When users report errors, the scenario needs to be reproduced repeatedly. The inability to reproduce the scenario causes a lot of hidden problems to be neglected. Current network status, error reports, network optimization reports and performance reports are all currently made manually by point testing, which is not thorough, complete or professional enough.

Intelligent Service from Delivery to Maintenance

Enjoy WIS from now on

Cloud-based Network

The most comprehensive network sub-monitoring platform, support mobile real time monitoring,

network maintenance with fewer worries.

Cloud Delivery, Cloud Operations, Cloud Inspection, and Cloud Diagnosis

APP Scan, Point planning, Wireless acceptance, Roaming acceptance, Mobile Operation and Maintenance

Tool for early-on network deployment planning

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