Web Content Management (WCM)

Web Content Management (WCM)

Create and deliver targeted online content to improve your visitor experience and engagement with OpenText Web Content Management (WCM).

Web Content Management (WCM)

Is yours one of the 90% of companies for whom customer experience is a top-3 CEO priority? Are you serious about creating delightful and connected experiences at every step of the decision journey and across all channels? About personalizing those experiences and optimizing your internal processes so you can deliver successfully without an army of people and as a regular course of business without daily heroics? Are you keen to deliver experiences for suppliers, partners, and employees as advanced as those your customers expect?

If you are, you need OpenText WCM.

OpenText WCM solutions are open, flexible, and connected platform to solve the next generation of digital experience challenges faced by marketers and business managers. OpenText WCM brings together content, process, and applications to create and deliver optimized and personalized multi-channel interactions across the full customer journey, from awareness to purchase to advocacy and recommendation.

Featured Products

OpenText TeamSite

As the Experience Suite Application for WCM, OpenText TeamSite addresses the entire customer lifecycle and helps you create exceptional digital experiences in four ways:

  • TeamSite allows you to optimize and personalize content across all channels pre, during, and post-sale
  • TeamSite is open flexible and connected to maximize the value of all your existing marketing investments
  • TeamSite provides a modern marketer and line-of-business focused user experience
  • TeamSite delivers leading cost efficiency balanced with the agility your enterprise needs

OpenText Web Experience Management

Create and deliver dynamic, targeted interactions across multiple touch points with this solution built for high-performance, enterprise-scalable, and transaction-oriented web applications.

  • Leverage responsive design to display content consistently across mobile devices
  • Increase revenue by satisfying customers with compelling experiences and meaningful conversations
  • Take advantage of every customer touch point with device neutral, content-centric experiences

OpenText Web Site Management

Connect your employees, partners, and customers with the information they need through optimized processes for managing and delivering content to the Web, mobile, or other media channels.

  • Deliver information across multiple and multi-lingual channels
  • Deepen engagement with customers, partners and colleagues through social content and functionality
  • Capture knowledge to reference and reuse content in context



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