The Game Changer: Alert Notifications in Businesses

The Game Changer: Alert Notifications in Businesses

IT has come a long way from just data being stored on paper in the 70s. System interconnectivity was almost non-existent then. This has slowly evolved  into a more complex IT infrastructure  that requires a high level of management. As such, businesses now require an  efficient machine to person communication in time-sensitive issues – and this shows itself in the need for the implementation of IT Alerts.

While we have seen the value of alert notifications in our day-to-day lives (a “ping” from your mobiles on the latest update from your favourite apps, or a pop up on my laptop when an email arrives into your inbox), how has  this been incorporated in businesses from different industries? Here are some of the ways Alert Notifications has created an impact on companies and the way in which they run their businesses.

1. Tracking financial transaction statuses at banks

Monies move in and out of bank accounts in real time. It becomes important therefore to receive confirmation for transactions in real time. This helps both the customer and the bank maintain a bond of trust and transparency, removing the need for follow up and costly time wastages on customer hotlines. Alert notification also helps prevent fraudulent transactions from occurring. Customers now have the option to quickly contact their bank to freeze their assets to prevent any unauthorised transactions from taking place.

2. Receiving updates on your online purchases

One of the most life changing services in this in the times of the COVID pandemic would be the option for folks observing quarantine to order their favourite food from apps such as GRAB or groceries from RedMart. Alert notification helps users to be constantly updated on the status of their purchase, ensuring that both the users and customers have improved relationships. Delivery schedules are important, especially when busy individuals need the assurance that their items will come on time, and they will be around to receive it. A simple text that says “delivery is arriving in 15 mins” from RedMart, for instance, allows customers to prepare for the arrival of the delivery man, making the transaction simple and fuss free at all times.

3. Real-time updates on status of manufacturing processes

In times of factory automation and the growth of an increasingly complex IT infrastructure, it is almost impossible to make note of all potential issues that might occur without some help from alert notifications. A small crisis can escalate into a big issue, leaving a large impact on revenue and profitability of the business. Time will be wasted to find out the source of error or disruption, and the efficiency of the manufacturing process is destroyed. Alert notifications can therefore  help mitigate these potential disasters, ensuring that the factory operates like clockwork at all times.

Running a business, whether large corporations or smaller scale operations has changed in 2020. We are no longer storing data on paper files, for instance, and slowly excel spreadsheets are being replaced by more intelligent software that automatically crunch out the numbers and flag up potential anomalies. This is the future of alert notifications, and it has helped us make sense of what is increasingly a distracting and (sometimes) frustrating world for the benefit of both businesses and humanity.

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