Organizations from various industries rely on more than one provider when it comes to acquiring internet and telecommunications services. Organizations in such industries as BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing), Banking and Finance, Construction, Distribution, large manufacturing firms, and even from the public sector need these services in order to keep their operations up and running.


Telco and ISP services are expensive. They are not simply lines and connections for transmitting data and voice. They involve various technologies that assure the reliability of transmissions, systems compatilibities, information accuracy, and security.


FatPipe’s main capability is in managing and optimizing the services of multiple ISP or Telco services distributed across multiple sites that support mission critical applications and services. The most defining aspect of its technology is the seamless failover of sessions, whether is it VPN, VoIP, video or data from one line to another without dropping the sessions. All these are possible without BGP programming.


FatPipe can provide its own network security solution that helps assure the maximum use of any connection by the user.


Load Balancing of Multiple Telco lines
FatPipe can aggregate and load balance up to 26 different telco lines regardless of type and speed.


FatPipe performs:


MULTIPLE TELCO SERVICE LOAD BALANCING – FatPipe aggregates any combination of DS3, T1, E3, E1, DSL, ISDN, wireless, and/or cable lines. Customers can bind the same type of lines together, (such as two or more T1 Internet connections), or disparate lines, (any combination of two or more different type lines, such as a wired T1, a wireless connection, and a DSL) to create a virtual FatPipe.


MULTIPLE CONNECTION LOAD BALANCING – It balances the load over the multiple paths resulting in increased speed. FatPipe also has an automatic line failover component that intelligently detects any line, router (including dual WANs), ISP or backbone failures. FatPipe identifies the disruption, and automatically reroutes outbound traffic to available lines. It ensures that WAN infrastructures remain intact and are up and running etc.


WAN OPTIMIZATION – FatPipe is perfect for remote offices utilizing CITRIX or other thin client technologies where the offices are accessing servers and programs located at a separate location via the Internet.


Customers benefit from:

  • faster internet access speed regardless of telco connection type;
  • lower costs as it combines up to three (3) T3/T1 lines into a single high-speed connection, providing the option of getting the more cost-effective T1 instead of T3 lines without the need for BGP programming;
  • fast installation which allows minimal downtime and quicker enjoyment of benefits, eliminating any configuration required for gateway PC or other computers on the LAN;
  • a more secured network through better control of internet use and optional UTM components;
  • real business continuity, through automatic failover, that results to an almost uninterrupted service delivery to your customers.


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