Technology Partner Ecosystem – AuthPoint

Technology Partner Ecosystem – AuthPoint

Ensure Every Point of Access Is Protected

WatchGuard’s technology ecosystem includes an extensive lineup of documented 3rd party integrations with AuthPoint, including the most popular cloud applications, web services, VPNs and networks. Ensure every point of access is protected with AuthPoint by leveraging its powerful technology ecosystem.

Icon: Cloud Applications

Cloud Applications

As organizations move from on-premises to cloud applications, business-critical files become accessible from anywhere at any time. Password fatigue and technologies like single sign-on (SSO) can make these applications even more accessible to the wrong people through a single set of user credentials, leaving businesses struggling to safely leverage all the benefits of a Cloud infrastructure.

Icon: Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management

Businesses are deploying identity and access management solutions to provide users with complete control and ease of access across all their organization’s applications. While simplicity and control are key to an employee’s work efficiency, consolidated access requires strengthened security.

Icon: Operating Systems

Operating Systems

Old single-password methods have proven to be unsecure when accessing devices, leading to many instances of data theft. Add multi-factor authentication to your operating systems using AuthPoint – securing what is often the first point of access– including remote desktop and local logins.

Icon: Remote Access and VPN

Remote Access and VPN

Remote access to private servers is a common practice for all organizations. Using solutions such as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), companies can provide secure access for their employees; however VPNs are not a perfect solution on their own when it comes to security. If usernames and passwords are stolen, hackers can easily gain full access to your network.

Icon: Web Applications

Web Applications

Each day users at every organization are accessing tens to hundreds of web applications over the Internet and through a browser interface. Many of these web applications store sensitive company data that can be easily compromised by stolen credentials without the user ever even knowing.


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