Sangfor NGAF: Eliminate 99% of Malware at the Perimeter

Sangfor NGAF: Eliminate 99% of Malware at the Perimeter

Sangfor NGAF is the world’s first AI-enabled NGFW (Next-Generation Firewall), fully integrated with WAF (Web Application Firewall) and Endpoint Secure (Next-Generation Endpoint Security), providing all-around protection from all threats and powered by the malware detection and protection of Neural-X and Engine Zero.

Sangfor NGAF is an easy-to-use, converged security solution designed to protect organizations from internal, external, existing, and future threats. In addition, NGAF databases are proactively updated regularly to keep your network safe from new, unknown, and zero-day attacks.

Features and Capabilities

Endpoint Secure: The Industry’s First All-in-One Endpoint Security Management on Firewall

Sangfor NGAF offers the world’s first native integrated endpoint security with Endpoint Secure, providing simplified management through a Firewall GUI dashboard to help small to mid-size enterprises (10-300 employees) simplify network & endpoint security operations with a single pane of glass management.

Integrated NGAF & Endpoint Secure go beyond traditional anti-virus and EDR to provide:

  • More advanced malware protection against all malicious files, known, unknown, or zero-day
  • 60% cost savings versus EDR deployment (based on 300 agent annual price)
  • 40% faster deployment with security event correlation & response

Engine Zero: Cutting Edge AI-Powered Malware Protection

  • AV-TEST determined that approximately 370,000 new malware variants are deployed daily.  Traditional detection technologies, primarily focused on MD5, virus signatures, rule matching, virtual execution, and sandboxing are becoming increasingly ineffective at protecting against new malware and it’s ever-changing, unique signatures. 
  • NGAF in conjunction with Sangfor AI-powered Engine Zero, provide powerful and intelligent malware detection capabilities.  
  • Sangfor’s R&D, Security team, and white hat researchers designed Engine Zero to utilizes machine learning technology to analyze and synthesize input data. Engine Zero’s unique, multi-dimensional features are able to detect and classify malicious files, sight unseen, and allow Sangfor NGAF to deliver 99.76% detection of known and unknown malware. 

Simplified Security Operation & Maintenance

Sangfor believes IT should be reliable and simple, with easy deployment and O&M as the keys to an effective & productive IT environment. 

Many small & medium-sized organizations without a specialized IT security team and using traditional security solutions without intelligent & automated reporting tools find managing network security especially complex. Searching and analyzing thousands of alerts to identify individual issues creates a high potential for human error and a waste of time and resources.

Sangfor NGAF uses an intuitive configuration wizard to make security policy deployment and modification simple and fast. High visibility and real-time detection features provide IT teams the ability to determine the security status of the network before the system even goes online, ensuring that no vulnerabilities exist in the network.

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