RG-SMP Security Management Platform

RG-SMP Security Management Platform

The Ruijie RG-SMP (Security Management Platform) is an enterprise-class security management application that provides insight into and control of Ruijie security and network devices. The Ruijie RG-SMP offers comprehensive security management across a wide range of Ruijie security appliances, including Ruijie intelligent switches and Wireless solutions. The Ruijie RG-SMP is also compatible with other third-party networking devices with 802.1X protocol, enabling the AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) network access control(NAC) policy according to user requirements.
The Ruijie RG-SMP allows users to manage office networks of all sizes for a broad spectrum of industries, with security compliance requirements of user identity, host health and security of network communication.

Unified Wired and Wireless Network Access Control
The Ruijie RG-SMP offers a single, integrated security management platform for all wired, wireless and VPN (Virtual Private Network) devices. It supports not only dynamic authentication for different smart devices but also integration with third-party RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) and LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Directory services.

Exclusive End-to-End NAC Solution

BYOD Solution Support
The Ruijie RG-SMP supports dynamic Wireless Guest Account control policy based on user identity and mobile platform in use. It also supports self-service guest account creation with SMS (Short Message Services) authentication on all latest smart device platforms such as smartphone, tablet, etc.

RG-SMP for Unified Management of BYOD

Comprehensive Identity Authentication
The Ruijie RG-SMP supports web-based authentication and wireless identity authentication based on 802.1X protocol. Through flexible binding of user credentials, IP (Internet Protocol) address, MAC (Media Access Control) address, switch IP address, switch port and serial number of hard disk, the user identity can be verified. It provides network access authority control, user online/offline records and regular user account clearance. User blacklist can also be managed using the Ruijie RG-SMP. RG-SMP delivers an extensive library of authentication modes including web portal authentication, two-factor authentication for staff, QR code authentication and SMS authenticating. The following diagram illustrates the interface display and principles of the four authentication methods.

RG-SMP with Comprehensive Authentication Modes

Customized Web Portal Authentication

Two-factor Authentication for Staff (Password + SMS)

QR Code Authentication

SMS Authentication

Host Endpoint Protection Support
By obtaining updates from Microsoft WSUS (Windows Server Update Services), the Ruijie RG-SMP enables administrators to deploy the latest operating system updates to computers running Windows. Anti-virus software is also supported to protect the system against malicious attacks. Blacklist and whitelist can be managed on the endpoint device software to block undesirable or risky users. In addition, the Ruijie RG-SMP prevents unauthorized access and MAC Address Spoofing, ensuring network and service availability and business continuity. Ruijie SMP software offers multiple bindings of user instances to ensure high-level security of password, end device and network access. The features enable fast location of users and end devices for immediate troubleshooting.

User Info Multiple Binding

The RG-SMP offers comprehensive security with flexible management. The solution enables dynamic access control rules with flexible Role/User/IP-based VLAN quarantine. The solution ensures user is only allowed to access to the preset network via flexible access rights restriction based on different user groups, login domains, end device types, etc.

Flexible Access Rights Restriction

Simple Web Operation
Ruijie RG-SMP supports a user-friendly Web GUI interface to perform all the related SMP security configurations and user access status management.

Web GUI Interface Display

Detailed Security Track Record
RG-SMP presents a board array of reports and analysis to facilitate security management. The solution offers detailed online user information including Username, IP, MAC, VLAN ID, NAS IP, Login Time, Authentication Method, Wireless SSID, Upstream/Downstream Traffic , Client Type, etc.
Ruijie RG-SMP offers various kinds of logs for easy management:
•Authentication Failure Logs
•Network Access Logs
•Operation Logs
•System Logs
•User Operation Logs

Mobile Terminal Management

Log Generation and Management



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