RG-AP880-I Wi-Fi 6 Indoor Access Point

RG-AP880-I Wi-Fi 6 Indoor Access Point

RG-AP880-I is our next-generation flagship ultra-high-performance Wi-Fi 6 enterprise AP designed for challenging high density indoor scenarios, powered by the 5th gen X-sense smart antenna for 360o zero-dead zone coverage. With the built-in IoT module, enterprise customers can be ready for future IoT expansion to boost the operational efficiency and customer experience.

The Ruijie RG-AP880-I supports concurrent dual-band dual-radio (4×4:4 in 2.4GHz, 8×8:8 in 5GHz), up to 12 total spatial streams and a maximum of 5.95Gbps wireless throughput. Taking the advantage of Wi-Fi 6 OFDMA Modulation, MU-MIMO, and BSS Color Spatial Reuse, the RG-AP880-I guarantees minimal signal interference and a maximum of 1024 client connections.

Additionally, RG-AP880-I provide four Ethernet ports with totally 22G wired access capacity, including two 10G Ethernet Uplink Port (1 Copper and 1 Fiber), one Gigabit Uplink, and one LAN port for external IoT sensor connection with PoE out (passive) feature. The RG-AP880-I support dual-port power supply redundancy design for high availability, guarantee for zero service impact even any uplink port failure.

Upon the uprising challenges of management efficiency and wireless security, all Ruijie enterprise APs support hybrid management mode. Either deployed as standalone AP (Fat mode) or managed AP (Fit mode), the AP will detect the operation mode automatically without extra effort on firmware upgrade. For additional security and operation, we recommend the enterprise customers to choose either one of the below wireless controller options depending on the functionality and capacity:

Hybrid Cloud: RG-WS6000 Series Wireless Controller (on-premises) Plus Cloud Management (Optional) – targeted for enterprise office and campus with single or multiple sites and high-density AP deployment. The controller appliances are installed at the customer’s site with fully integrated wireless management and authentication feature, supporting up to 5000 APs per cluster. Optionally, the cloud management platform allows for value-added features like centralized device configuration and monitoring, AI radio (RF) optimization, reporting, etc.

Private Cloud: RG-MACC Software Controller – targeted for ISP/MSP, government, or multi-national corporation (MNC) with diverse customer sites and demand on integration of their billing, portal and security systems. The RG-MACC supports unified device management, not only for wireless access points, but also switches and gateway devices.

Public Cloud: Ruijie Cloud – Ruijie Public Cloud service (powered by RG-MACC) is targeted for the SME segment with integrated captive portal, authentication (such as PPSK for employees, Facebook, voucher, account, etc.), and reporting features. Together with Ruijie Cloud Mobile App (free download), SME customers can provision and manage their networks at fingertips.

Key Highlights:

• Stacked ultra-high-density antenna design: The 5th gen X-sense smart antenna for 360o zero-dead zone coverage

• Max 5.95Gbps (Total 12 Spatial Streams) with Concurrent Dual-Band Design

• Max 22G wired access capacity (with dual 10G port design)• Max 1024 Client connections

• OFDMA, MU-MIMO and BSS Technology for minimal wireless signal interference

• IoT Ready: Integrated with BLE module and one IoT extension port with PoE Out (passive)

• AI Wireless Optimization: one-click optimization powered by Ruijie Cloud technology

• Hybrid Management: support standalone AP to over thousands of APs with deployment options of appliances, private cloud or public cloud service

• Mobility Management: Free mobile app available for RG-MACC-Base private cloud or Ruijie Public Cloud customers 

For inquiries, email us at info@agdinfotech.com

Source: https://www.ruijienetworks.com/products/wireless/indoor-access-point-series/ap880-i

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