Reyee Mesh Whole Family Wi-Fi Video

Reyee Mesh Whole Family Wi-Fi Video

Add One, More Life Surprise

Reyee Mesh Whole Family Wi-Fi Solutions

Product Recommendations

Home Router Family —— We Are Ready to Cover Your Home

802.11AC Wave Flexible back-up for Reyee Mesh

RG-EW1200 & RG-EW1200G PRO

  • 6dBi High-gain AntennasSpecial FEM Design
  • Wall-Through Signal
  • Enterprise Roaming
  • Anti-interference

Typical solution topology


Fast and Stable Office Wi-Fi

Full Gigabit ports, optimized signal, Enterprise Grade Performance and cover all types of home you loved.


Modern Residence

Keep high-speed broadband but in low budget, make balance between the performance and cost, match perfectly for modern family.



Minimum spending to get better whole home Wi-Fi solution, especially a killer-solution for home only has 100Mbps access rate but want to get full coverage of internet for sweet home.

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