OpenText AppWorks Platform

OpenText AppWorks Platform

OpenText™ AppWorks provides the foundation for digital businesses. With intelligently automated, content-rich, connected processes that you can quickly build and easily modify, AppWorks gives you the power to deliver a variety of new digital experiences with a much lower IT workload.

  • Gain the power and flexibility to digitize, automate and unify processes
  • Automate routine work or optimize knowledge-driven work for better control over your customers’ experience
  • Simplify interactions with structured and unstructured content residing in diverse business systems and content repositories

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Dynamic Case Management
Simplify knowledge work with a smarter, data-driven approach to complex decision making. Give knowledge workers ready access to the systems, content and people that help them move cases forward. Automate routine decisions and lower risk with rules-based automation and artificial intelligence.

Low-Code Development
Quickly develop, deploy and learn from digital business applications that align processes around user needs. Efficiently bring information together from core enterprise systems and create a common information layer that allows end users to interact with information in the way that makes the most sense to them. Leverage reusable building blocks and pre-built accelerators to streamline development cycles.

Process Intelligence
Gain visibility into operational status information and business insights for digital process automation. Use reports, dashboards and data exploration capabilities to create smarter automation.

Business Rules Management
Seamlessly integrate rules within business processes and business objects during modeling and design time. Deliver non-stop business operations at process runtime.

Enterprise Integrations
Quickly and easily couple, decouple, recombine and restructure corporate IT systems using web services in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Integrate popular enterprise systems as well as diverse legacy systems.

OpenText Extended ECM for AppWorks
Extend the reach of enterprise content management (ECM) to all parts of the enterprise, injecting content into the context of cross-system business process automation.


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