Omni-Channel Communications

Omni-Channel Communications

Effective omni-channel communications with key constituents are essential for every part of business. Using separate services for voice, email, SMS and fax communications can lead to customer confusion and disjointed communications with limited interoperability or visibility. As the pace of business change accelerates, it is imperative that companies can deliver time-sensitive and relevant communications to customers, business partners and other stakeholders in the format they prefer.

OpenText™ Notifications is a comprehensive, cloud-based omni-channel communications platform to create and deliver highly targeted and personalized messaging via the recipient’s communications channel of choice, from a single vendor.

Seamless integration with other customer communications solutions, including OpenText Exstream™ and others, makes Notifications ideal for producing, personalizing, managing and delivering timely and personalized communications.

OpenText Notifications Overview

OpenText Notifications is a cloud-based, comprehensive omni-channel messaging platform that increases the effectiveness of message creation and delivery. It is a coordinated solution to deliver essential communications via SMS, voice, email and fax with end-to-end visibility and message control.

The solution provides the flexibility and scalability to meet every business need, from individual personalized messages to large-scale broadcast communications. OpenText Notifications Analytics provides performance intelligence to enhance message targeting, improve efficiencies and lower costs.

Enhance communication across a wide range of business operations, including customer acquisition and experience, digital marketing, new product launches, employee management, product and service delivery, support and maintenance and supply chain management.

OpenText Notifications Features

Multiple channels in a single platform

Supports all communications channels, including SMS, voice, fax and email, in a single solution. Personalize messages to the individual, deliver via their preferred channel and adapt communications as channel preferences change.

High volume email delivery

Improves email deliverability with a powerful, multi-tenant platform built to handle the highest volumes of email.

Operational analytics

Applies rich insights and easy-to-use data visualization tools to transactions and messages on key performance indicators, including messaging volume, system performance and message deliverability.

Pre-built integrations

Integrates seamlessly through robust APIs with business processes and enterprise applications, including CRM, marketing automation and ERP.

Complete customer engagement

Creates and delivers an effective customer engagement solution with a pre-built integration to OpenText Exstream. Bi-directional communication and 360-degree visibility between the solutions allow organizations to create a complete, results-driven engagement solution.

OpenText Notifications services

OpenText Notifications Benefits

Improve communication targeting

Increase messaging effectiveness by targeting the right recipient with the right message through the communications method they prefer. Transition from disrupted, limited information control to full end-to-end information control.

Increase customer loyalty

Personalize messages for an enhanced customer experience. Create and deliver targeted offers and strengthen customer engagement and loyalty.

Grow revenue

Increase business agility and respond faster to market trends and customer behaviors to capitalize on new sales opportunities and increase revenue.

Reduce costs and improve efficiency

Adopt a single provider solution for all omni-channel messaging requirements, today and the future. Remove the costs of separate, disjointed messaging systems and reduce administrative overhead.





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