Any organization that relies on computer networks, regardless of size, is prone to the misuse of network resources both from internal and external causes. Employees access information for recreational purposes, hackers infiltrate networks with malicious intentions, and even simple first-come-first-serve prioritization of the use of network resources incur exorbitant costs that can be eliminated through better network management and security.


Many slowdowns are due to having too many users engaged in non-productive activities such as peer-to-peer file downloading, instant messaging, and multimedia applications. These types of activities contribute to productivity losses and unnecessary bandwidth consumption, and they also open holes into the internal network. As a result, networks are vulnerable to malwares, spyware, key loggers, and VoIP attacks.


FatPipe Super UTM
FatPipe integrates a Network Security component to complement its optimization features for maximum benefits.



FatPipe’s Super UTM is a network gateway device that consolidates key security services with network optimization features. Its security component includes Firewall, VPN, Web/URL filtering, content filter and IDS-IPS. It includes a mail server, spam protection, gateway anti-viruses, log analyzers and a DHCP server.


The Super UTM is capable of protecting networks against viruses, phishing attacks, direct denial of service attacks, and distributed denial of service attacks.


FatPipe’s Super UTM Security Components in detail:


  • IDS – FatPipe Super UTM offers IDS and IPS modes. The IDS mode works in inline mode. It watches packets of data traversing the network, compares the traffic to the configured rules, and sets off an alarm if it detects anything suspicious. IDS can detect several types of malicious traffic that would slip through a typical firewall
  • IPS – In IPS mode, FatPipe Super UTM will stop malicious traffic from invading the enterprise. IPS actively shuts down attempted attacks
  • MPSec – A patented security feature from FatPipe provides up to nine times more security in addition to IPSec
  • Web Filter – FatPipe Super UTM provides the ability to restrict and log web access by various users and groups of users in an organization. The restriction is based on both URL and content filtering methods
  • DHCP Server – Assigns IP addresses and host configuration information to devices on the Local Area Network
  • Mail Server – (optional) FatPipe Super UTM provides a mail server/relay feature to route and deliver electronic mail. It is secure, fast and easy to administer. FatPipe mail server is resistant to buffer overflows, and can handle large amount of e-mail. FatPipe mail server feature enables users to access mail through IMAP/IMAPS, POP3/POP3-S protocols
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam – FatPipe mail server comes with an antivirus engine designed for detecting Trojans, Viruses, Malware and other malicious threats. It has an anti-spam engine that uses a wide variety of local and network tests to identify spam signatures. It also comes with a web mail package that is easy to configure. It has all the functionality you would want from an email client, including strong MIME support, address books, and folder manipulation.

These components are integrated with FatPipe’s primary function, and that is to optimize network resources through proper management and usage. This makes the Super UTM a provider of network security and Internet/WAN redundancy that a company needs in a single box.


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