Lumada Data Services

Lumada Data Services

Innovate with Data

Lumada simplifies data management with automation and collaboration (DataOps). With Lumada, you can: Gain 360-degree views of your customers, products and assets. Streamline your business operations and take out cost. And, meet stringent compliance demands.

Accelerate Data Discovery

Onboard data sources and use data pipelines to deliver insights quickly, collaboratively with self-service.

Automate Data Management

Automatically collect, curate and share your information assets across enterprise stakeholders.

All Your Data and Clouds

Deploy and operate a trusted, curated, cost-effective data foundation across multicloud, core and edge.

  • Innovate with composable data microservices.
  • Deploy across hybrid- and multicloud.
  • Manage structured and unstructured data.
  • Gain insights with data services for analytics.
  • De-risk with data services for governance.
  • Drive efficiencies for data management.

Intelligent Multicloud Solutions

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