Huawei Ranked First Globally for All-Flash Market Growth Rate in 2018

Huawei Ranked First Globally for All-Flash Market Growth Rate in 2018

Huawei Intelligent Storage with Continuous Innovations

[Shenzhen, China, April 17, 2019] At the 16th Huawei Global Analyst Summit, Huawei held its IT Infrastructure Track today. Meng Guangbin, President of Intelligent Storage and Data Management Domain, Huawei’s IT Product Line, delivered a speech and announced that Huawei ranked first globally in terms of growth rate of all-flash storage market share in 2018. Huawei intelligent storage has gained 40% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from the year 2012 to 2018 thanks to its continuous innovation. Huawei intelligent storage is committed to serving customers with premium intelligent data storage services.

“Based on comprehensive capabilities for product and technology innovation, Huawei intelligent storage will continuously integrate with AI technologies to help customers cope with explosive data growth, simplify their data management and maintenance, and accelerate data analysis and mining, so that customers will step into a more intelligent data era.” said Meng Guangbin.

As for enterprises’ traditional databases/VDI/OA applications in data centers, Huawei provides OceanStor enterprise storage, such as SAN, NAS, and Dorado all-flash storage. Huawei provides intelligent data services and easy management for enterprises through efficient hardware architecture and flash-optimized high performance. It is the industry’s first vendor that support the NVMe architecture for mid-range and high-end all-flash storage models. NVMe enables faster communication between Solid-State Drives (SSDs) and a host system, and offers sharp latency decreases, which brings quality data services to customers. As the fastest all-flash storage, the OceanStor Dorado mid-range and high-end all-flash storage achieves an industry-leading 0.3-millisecond latency.

As for enterprises’ emerging big data analytics, mobile applications, and native cloud applications, Huawei released its next-generation data center-level converged distributed storage — FusionStorage 8.0 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February, 2019. As the first distributed storage system in the industry to support critical enterprise workloads, FusionStorage leverages industry-leading architecture to break data silos among different types of storage, helping enterprises cope with ever-growing workloads and massive amounts of data, and achieving the goal of “One Data Center, One Storage”. FusionStorage 8.0 supports efficient storage and processing of massive amounts of data, eliminating the need for data migration and delivering intelligent O&M management. The Storage as a Service (STaaS) solution provides enterprises with cloud-based storage services to accelerate the cloud transformation. Besides industry’s first service to allow enterprises to move mission-critical services to the cloud without making any changes, Huawei ensures efficient resource utilization and free data flows on- and off-premises so that enterprises enjoy consistent experience in various cloud environments while reducing TCO. Furthermore, Huawei storage combines with FusionCube Hyper-Converged Infrastructure and FusionAccess Desktop Cloud Solution to jointly help customers build all-in-one cloud infrastructure from center to edge.

In Gartner’s report, Huawei’s intelligent storage has been named as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for three consecutive years. To date, Huawei’s intelligent storage has won the trust of more than 10,000 customers worldwide. According to 2018 Q4 statistics from Gartner, in 2018, Huawei all-flash storage achieved the highest growth rate in the global flash market. In the Chinese market, Huawei’s intelligent storage ranks first in terms of revenues, and shipment volume and capacity.


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