Cyber AI Analyst

Cyber AI Analyst

Darktrace’s Cyber AI Analyst is a technology that harnesses the best expertise from world-class security analysts to automate more of the investigation process and augment security analysts.

By learning from a rich data set built up over thousands of AI deployments worldwide, the technology executes expert investigations at machine-speed, achieving significant time savings for security analysts. The Cyber AI Analyst can intelligently correlate disparate data points across the digital business, helping the security team investigate threats faster and more efficiently.Darktrace’s Cyber AI Analyst quickly presents security information in a format that’s both elegant and intuitive. By automatically investigating security events, the AI Analyst helps reduce noise more than any other technology. This is an important development in the security industry.

Chris Kissel

Research Director at IDC

The Cyber AI Analyst conducts thorough investigations before surfacing anything to human security teams, allowing it to discard low-priority or benign events from the start, and presenting only a few high-priority incidents at any one time.

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