Cloud-based System Availability Monitoring

When businesses suffer from web-based service failure, it could result in loss of productivity and revenue and reputation damage. Clouvera, a 24×7 IT monitoring solution for a multitude of systems, can help you auto-detect downtime due to cybersecurity breaches and respond quickly when latency, availability and/or performance issues occur. When potential downtime is detected by Clouvera, it will automatically communicate critical alerts instantly to end users, enabling corrective action in time, thereby improving productivity.

Furthermore, there is an email messaging filtering feature which allows filtering of incidents from email integration to automatically notify the users to respond based on the content filter policy rules set. Email forwarding enables re-sending of these incoming filtered incident alerts to other email accounts.


  • Types of checks: PING, PORT, URL checks & message filter
  • Supports email-to-SMS and email forwarding
  • Always monitor web/email servers, websites & firewall
  • SMS broadcast to announce latest updates of the infrastructure
  • Supports reply-back to system via web interface / SMS (add-on)
  • Proper management system to close and record open alert case(s)


  • No hardware or SIM card to maintain
  • 24×7 active monitoring and message filtering
  • Operating system independent checking using Ping, Port or URL
  • Easy administration and resource management with address book, shift and leave management, and ticketing features
  • Instant alerts on SMS to shorten response time



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