CCTV Network Solution

CCTV Network Solution

Cloud Managed Switch

Wireless Bridge

Typical Solution Topology

RG-ES200 Series >

RG-EST310 >Campus CCTVRG-ES200 Series >

RG-EST310 >RG-EST310 >Elevator CCTVRG-ES200 Series >

RG-EST310 >RG-EST310 >Office Network

Solution Benefits for End Users

  • Fair price replace unmanaged to cloud managed switch;
  • Protect users property and safety at any time;
  • 250 meters PoE save cabling cost for end-users;
  • 5GHz reduce interference and guarantee video quality;
  • Meet difference CCTV requirements in various scenarios.

Benefit for SIs

  • Multiple models optional of RG-ES200 series switch;
  • Cloud to remote troubleshooting and maintenance;
  • Mobile to set VLANs for different service traffic;
  • Easy deployment via Self-Organizing Network technology.

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