AI-driven Content Advisor

AI-driven Content Advisor

Increase the value of enterprise content, improve efficiency and streamline risk management

What is AI-driven content advisor?

AI-driven content advisor is an AI solution that uses machine-learning to leverage the context of unstructured data, categorize information and trigger processes efficiently. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), it automates knowledge classification while mitigating risk, supporting data governance and creating greater efficiency and productivity for knowledge workers.

Why AI-driven content advisor?

  • Vital enterprise knowledge is hidden in unstructured data71 percent of enterprises say their unstructured data is growing faster than other business data, making it increasingly difficult to harness the true value of textual information. With AI, companies can increase the value of their content and drive twice the business value from their analytics investments.
  • Categorizing high-value documents is tedious Manual categorization is time consuming and error prone but remains essential for regulatory audits, content migration and risk management. AI helps companies manage enterprise data effectively to detect and prevent loopholes that can translate into approximately $200 million in noncompliant spend.
  • Too much time is spent on document-related tasks To improve efficiency, enterprises need to regain control over content. Automating content assessment and leveraging AI to take or guide action based on insights derived from content helps improve productivity while mitigating risks.

Solution overview

AI-driven Content Advisor from OpenText™ Magellan™ maximizes the value of enterprise content across repositories by leveraging advanced text analytics capable of supporting multiple languages and complex concepts processing at scale. Organizations can achieve intelligent automation for streamlined workflows using alerts to take the best action at the right time with application integrations.

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