Agile Controller-DCN

Agile Controller-DCN

Agile Controller-DCN

Huawei’s CloudFabric Solution to provide customers with simplified network deployment, intelligent network O&M, ultra-broadband interconnection, and open ecosystem for next-generation data center networks, supporting high-speed development of enterprise cloud services.

The Agile Controller-DCN is the core component of the Huawei CloudFabric Solution. The Controller implements unified control and dynamic scheduling of network resources to rapidly deploy cloud services.

The Agile Controller-DCN uses an open architecture and provides various standard interfaces. It supports interconnection with mainstream OpenStack cloud platforms in the northbound, and supports physical and virtual network devices such as physical switches, virtual switches, and firewalls in the southbound. The Controller receives user-centered service requirements through the northbound interface, converts the requirements into network configuration and batch delivery, and implements network automation. When there is no cloud platform, the Agile Controller-DCN provides an independent service provisioning GUI.

The Agile Controller-DCN provides highly reliable cluster capabilities. The system processes southbound and northbound services in load balancing mode. In addition, the Controller can be deployed in active/standby mode to implement remote disaster recovery, meeting the high reliability requirements of data center services.


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