aCloud – Enterprise Cloud Services

aCloud – Enterprise Cloud Services

Sangfor Enterprise Cloud – aCloud

Sangfor aCloud is the new generation of cloud IT architecture. It is built on innovative hyper-converged technology, with complete IT infrastructure and O&M management service capabilities. It can carry key business applications such as core databases, ERP, financial systems, production systems.

Unlike traditional cloud solutions, Sangfor Enterprise Cloud built on HCI is more simplified and flexible, enabling users to quickly build business-driven cloud computing data centers; no matter it’s private, hybrid or industrial cloud. It delivers to users IT resource pool, IT as a Service, and automated IT O&M, making it easy for key business to migrate to the cloud. It is the preferred solution for government, organization and enterprise users.

Key Applications Migrating to Cloud

Due to the lack of complete security system and reliability guarantee for traditional cloud computing architectures, critical applications migrating to cloud is quite difficult. With the advantages of hyper-converged technology, Sangfor has made special optimizations for the high requirements of stability, performance and network security for critical applications. Users can deploy database clusters such as Oracle RAC and key applications such as ERP to Sangfor Enterprise Cloud, making all applications agile and resilient, and letting IT better drive business transformation.

Key Features

More Simplified Architecture

Relying on HCI technology to simplify data center into 2 devices: x86 servers and switches – reducing initial investment and cost of learning.

More Convenient Expansion

Simply plug the HCI appliance into aCloud management platform to achieve automatic capacity expansion. The service does not stop during capacity expansion and supports high-performance requirements.

Easier Application Deployment

aCloud has a built-in P2V migration tool that migrates applications to cloud with only 1-click and improves IT innovation efficiency.

More Reliable Data

Enterprise Cloud guarantees data reliability through CDP, data multi-copy, virtual machine backup, application data backup, Internet access management, etc., so that there won’t be any data loss and cross-regional data backup is available.

Stable & Efficient Carrying of Key Business

Unique optimization technology for key applications, supporting Oracle RAC cluster, SQL Server cluster, Kingdee, YonYou and ERP, etc., ensuring operation stability of key software businesses with up to 99.9999% reliability.

Multi-Dimension Security Protection

Built-in distributed firewall, WAF, cloud anti-virus, etc., making business applications running on cloud platform have a complete security protection system, comply with requirements of classified protection of information security, and effectively prevent east-west security threats within data center.

More Efficient Security Policy Management

Single sign-on management manages cloud resources and security components, reduces cloud security costs, deploys security policies, processes and audit management specifications more efficiently.

Visualized, Simplified O&M

Enterprise Cloud has comprehensive resource management capabilities, configurations can be deployed using “What You Draw is What You Get”, reducing application deployment time, fault location and repair time. And it requires no special training to use the platform.



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