4 Ways to Implement an Automated Workflow for Routine Business Processes

4 Ways to Implement an Automated Workflow for Routine Business Processes

Do you spend a sizeable part of your day executing time-consuming repetitive processes? Implementing workflow automation by streamlining business processes leads to efficiency and eventually cost-savings, thereby improving the bottom-line of a company.Here are some of the tasks which different departments can (and should) consider automating to enable them to focus on other important activities:


  • For the business continuity management team:
    Deploy an automated call-tree solution as a reliable crisis communication tool to ensure real-time, omnichannel notification outreach to all relevant stakeholders during emergency scenarios.


  • For the operation team:
    Reduce no-show rate and minimize revenue losses with automated appointment reminder messages trigger based on information captured in any calendar app.


  • For the IT team:
    Countless alerts from various applications and servers and the need for physical presence of staff for monitoring them is time-consuming and pointless. IT managers can deploy a unified notifications management platform which will monitor, centralize and deliver real-time rich alerts in case of crisis.


  • For the marketing team:
    Rich alerts can be auto-triggered whenever an abnormality (i.e. out of the configured threshold range) is detected by a social network monitoring software, thereby respond to any crisis in a timely manner.


Overall, business process automation saves time, effort and money by creating active engagements with staff, prospects and clients with interactive 2-way communications that in turn automates relevant workflow across various departments.

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