RG-SAM+ Security Accounting Management System

RG-SAM+ Security Accounting Management System

RG-SAM+ Security Accounting Management System

Ruijie RG-SAM+ is a proven comprehensive authentication and accounting system based on RADIUS. The RG-SAM+ has served more than 20 million users in 1168++ universities over the past 14 years. The RG-SAM+ has integrated with most of the available authentication modes including 802.1X, Web, PPPoE, IPoE and remote VPN access. This platform also supports access control, unified network access/egress access control, gateway and flattened authentication modes. The RG-SAM+ hence offers remarkable flexibility for users to formulate the best solution to meet their needs.With the single unified authentication platform, the RG-SAM+ fully supports access control, accounting/billing, log management, and unified external interfaces for all the authentication methods.
Users benefit from both minimum investment costs and advanced management efficiency by the “ONE Network, ONE Authentication Platform” design.The RG-SAM+ outperforms alternative products in terms of user experience and simplified operation. Through a user-centric model, the system delivers simpler, clearer and smarter network experiences. The RG-SAM+ empowers higher education institutes to operate in a more flexible manner with open and standard protocols, and a wide selection of operating policies to use.

Superior User Experience

User-centric Design

The RG-SAM+ understands what users are looking for – a system that is simple and easy-to-use. With the User-Centric design, the new system focuses on user experience, removes unnecessary content, and provides a user-friendly one-page overview dashboard.

User-friendly PC & Mobile Authentication View

Useful Info Page on Successful Authentication

Hassle-Free Authentication Experience

The RG-SAM+ supports the PEAP based on 802.1X and Web authentication for seamless authentication. User is only required to login once then able to enjoy automatic login in the future without all the tedious repeated login procedure again.

The system will automatically reconnect at the background when the connection is dropped. In addition, no client or agent installation is required regardless of where the users are and what end devices they are using for network access. The user identity control is also preceded by high performance hardware to guarantee the smooth user experience.

Guest also can access the Internet or network through Easy Guest QR-Code Access method. With this method, guests can login to the network and Internet by scanning a QR code or enter an Invitation Wi-Fi Code without relying on the administrator to authorize it manually. This is very useful for large event or public area.

These 2 unique authentication methods will greatly improve the user experience and reduce many unnecessary administrator workload.

Simple Unique Authentication Method

Adaptive Self-service 

The self-service component of RG-SAM+ will improve with time – learning and adapting to users’ habits – and display the most useful information. The system enhances the self-service experience with the highly recognizable icons and buttons, and a friendly style to encourage active user interaction. The RG-SAM+ delivers a truly self-service platform for every user.

The RG-SAM+ provides simple and clear user online details. By using the self-help network service, a user can query the personal online details and personal account flow. Then, the user can be clear about the consumption and the system manager needs to do much less work.

For authorized staff, they also can generate an easy guest access code by themselves before hosting a meeting.

RG-SAM+ Self-service Interface

Generate Guest Access through Self-service

Simplified Operation

Openness and Compatibility

In order to help customer achieve “No Dependency, Freedom in Brand Selection”, the RG-SAM+ is based on industry’s standardized design and technology for seamless integration. The RG-SAM+ provides standardized protocols and an open interface for integration with 3rd-party devices. Hence, the product is not brand-specific to enable easy deployment of new devices in the late implementation stage.

Switch: Any models supporting RFC2865/2866/3576/China Mobile Portal protocol specifications V2

Wireless: Any models supporting RFC2865/2866/3576/China Mobile Portal protocol specifications V2

BRAS: Any models supporting RFC2516/RFC2865/RFC2866/RFC3576, RFC1541/RFC2865/RFC2866/RFC3576/ China Mobile Portal protocol specifications V2

LDAP: LDAP protocol

Open API: Webservice interface (e.g. One-card Access)

Open Wired + Wireless Authentication Architecture

Unified Gateway Authentication (Network Flattening)

In Ruijie Simplistic Campus Networks Solutions, the RG-SAM+ can work with Ruijie RG-N18000 gateway core which acts as Unified Gateway, helps to “flatten” and simplify the network architecture; while the RG-SAM+ helps on the user access management consolidation. The RG-SAM+ also supports mainstream BRAS devices from Huawei, ZTE, Juniper, etc. The authentication gateway is maintained at an upper level and is independent from any access devices or brands for simplified operation.

●Support PPPoE of mainstream BRAS devices: Huawei ME60, ZTE M6000 and T600, Juniper MX series and E series

●Support IPoE of mainstream BRAS devices: Huawei ME60, ZTE M6000 and T1200, Juniper E series

Practical Identity Management/Authentication Solution for Campus

Unified Authentication Component

The RG-SAM+ is a very flexible solution, it can integrate with Ruijie Simplistic Campus Network (SCN)’s component such as Ruijie RG-RSR77-X gateway, RG-N18000 with MSC line card, RG-ACE application gateway to achieve an end-to-end Unified Egress Solutions with authentication, accounting and billing features. These hardware and software can combine together to enhance the overall performance and reliability.

When combine with Unified Gateway Solutions, the RG-SAM+ enables more simple, secure and efficient way such as user isolation method which is able to achieve adequate network protection result with simplified architecture, management and flexible policy control. The latest RG-SAM+ version is built to provide a better online user experience with minimum effort in authentication.

Modular SCN Solution Components for RG-SAM+

Flexible & Refined Policy Management

The RG-SAM+ handles the many different policy requirements with ease: management target variety, access mode flexibility, billing complexity and service policy combination.

The refined policy management enables the higher education institutes to manage the operation centrally, and to offer refined management services for users from different zones.

The RG-SAM+ provides a series of unique solutions with respect to by-area management and elaborate management that use IP subnet /VLAN/Port ID management to ease the location policy management. Each solution can be applied independently, and these solutions have associated features. These associated features help combine these solutions freely. Hence, this meets the IT O&M requirements of colleges. The RG-SAM+ can easily deal with diversity of management objects, flexibility of access modes, complexity of accounting, and combination of service policies.

The system guarantees the network users with highly personalized services:

●Zone management: zone division, service customization, user grouping

●Multiple access modes and flexible billing modes as the solution core

●Access modes: 802.1X, Web, PPPoE, IPoE, VPN

●Billing modes: Periodic billing, traffic-based billing, time-based billing and various user-defined billing modes

Users can flexibly define the zone, access and billing modes based on the actual demands. Accordingly to the service nature, the system supports implementation of one billing policy under an access mode of a designated area. In other words, it can deliver a set of customized services to a certain group of users.

The RG-SAM+ also provides visible star-map containing information of online user distribution and amount. User star map shows all the wired and wireless users on a campus map with user visual density indication to help administrator understand the user behavior for future project planning.

Zone-based Refined Management

Online User Distribution Star-Map

On-demand Accounting/Billing Policy

The RG-SAM+ is preset with a number of accounting/billing policies to quickly adapt to general scenarios. Such include monthly billing policy, daily billing policy, duration-based billing policy and traffic-based policy.

The administrator can tailor detailed billing rules. The RG-SAM+ enables policy customization to offer a wide array of possible billing modes. New billing modes can be customized to adapt to the actual deployment environment. The RG-SAM+ offers authentication modes with fees charging/billing and “virtually” charges with accounting for statistic purpose. The RG-SAM+ hence offers a total billing management solution that best fits the users’ special needs.

From Cost Center to Strategy Asset with Accounting/Billing Policy

High Availability

Ruijie RGAC clustering solution deploys two servers for mutual backup. When one server fails, the other can take over without any manual interference for unparalleled services resiliency. The clustering solution guarantees the RG-SAM+ with outstanding usability and continuity.

In the event of master device failure, all the SAM+ services will be unaffected to ensure normal operation. The users can thereby handle emergency events with ease. The guaranteed services include authentication, billing, management, self-help and 3rd-party interface services (e.g. One-card Access).

Flexible Deployment Modes

The RG-SAM+ offers 3 flexible deployment modes (Egress, Transparent and L2/L3 Gateway) depending on user requirement and their future network planning.

Flexible Deployment Modes



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